Gianfranco Ferré S/S 2010.


Tommaso Aquilano and Robert Rimondi’s second collection for Gianfranco Ferré, while classic in its black and white colour palette, is undoubtedly perfectly modern and chic. The sophisticated cut and fabric choices for each piece is what makes this collection special. Crisp white jackets with broad, round shoulders along with higher waists elongate figures and play with proportion. And normally I don't go for the military-inspired look, but the pieces that were military-esque in this collection were done so well; more of a nod than an exact copy.
All of that being said, this isn't a perfect collection. The metallic and silver, combined with stark black and white and minimalistic cuts, although beautiful, are quite same old same old. However, the attitude of this show is what's modern to me. There's a confidence here, and a heavy dose of glam combined with heroin-chic boys with pale skin. There's no denying these clothes have a look of effortless chic.

Full Collection.
- The Velvet Scientist


Gaia said...

thank you so much.
like your blog too!

R. A. N. said...

one of my only favorites from this collection was the last look on the right, but only the top/jacket. those pants.. just nuh uh with it.. metal and leather everywhere.. could've seen that coming before prada even did it last season..

but yup, this collection wasn't offensive.

EJ said...

this is a dream collection for me.
cinematic. timeless. romantic.

Beau boys said...

Thanks for comment,mate! Your blog's great too!

Giancinephile said...

Thanks for leavin' a comment at my blog!

As for this Ferre collection, I seem to prefer last season but the hi-tops in this collection are drool-worthy.