He turned too many heads for one lifetime, he never had to try.

The lovely Clément Chabernaud goes rebel chic for Zoo Magazine #23.

- The Velvet Scientist

The Radio Dept.
David EP


sophia said...

I love the Radio Dpt. Nice photos as well

Quan said...

I love his hairrrr so much, it's on point! quite nice shoot.

thank youu! yesss, i'm having a lot of fun, it's always great to escape and get inspired!

Cillian said...

Much thanks for your sweet compliment @ Male-Mode. I wish I had the natural talent for graphic design/layout that your blog shows...


linda-mari said...

Oh, thank you very much for the comment on my blog! Your too kind:)
You have a really great blog yourself!

Vogueite said...

hehe i've been using that photo of clement as my msn display picture.. first picture, on the right!

Alexxander said...

oooh! thank you very much!!! I love your blog!!!! amazing blog!!!

I linnk u!


- Alexxander.

L. said...

Oh the hair on the first is magic :)