Jil Sander S/S 2010.


When I saw this collection for the first time, I was bored with it. I must have been confusing boring with soft and simple - simple doesn't have to be boring. I have really come to love this collection for what it is. It may not have loud prints and bold colours, but its classiness and simplicity are just as exciting. A billowy ice blue trench is light and airy, a translucent tank is beautifully clean and fresh. It's all so lovely.

Full collection.
- The Velvet Scientist


Mat Ahoy - Buckets and Spades said...

i do like it, its fresh in design and colour. but im leaft looking for a bit more.

Vanna said...


Thanks for checking out my blog. Yours is quite shnazzy as well. Did I just say "shnazzy?"

I have to agree with you on the Jil show, although I've never been a huge fan, I think that a lot of the (What looks to be hand painted) pieces are quite charming.

I'll definitely be checking out your blog as regularly as I can!

Anonymous said...

I love the colleciton so much

inaya said...

Love this one so much as well. :D