Miharayasuhiro S/S 2010.

Inspired by the story Le Petit Prince and the life of its author, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Mihara Yasuhiro's collection for Spring beautifully captures the essence of the story, and retells it through every garment. The show was initiated by images of a star-filled galaxy; a universe slowly rotating, projected onto giant screens surrounding the aisles of the runway. The collection then began following the story of the prince traveling through the desert, shown through a sun-bleached colour palette, loose silhouettes, and desert boots and sandals. Following were darker coloured garments with metallic details, meant to evoke the depths of space, and the final bit of looks were heavily military influenced, reflecting Saint-Exupery's experience as a flier in World War I. The collection ended perfectly with a crowned prince closing the show. I love that this collection is Yasuhiro's interpretation of the story, and how brilliant of him to take little bits from it - the characters, the setting - and turn it into a collection. He consistently makes bold fashion statements and is always staging them in such a magical way, how he remains to stay 'unknown' is a mystery to me.

Full Collection.
- The Velvet Scientist


Mat said...

really like this collection and the selection you have picked here. i will have to take a closer look at this collection, theres so many details to look at and all these details creative the whole goodness.

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