Tim Hamilton S/S 2010.

For his first ever Paris venture, American designer Tim Hamilton sought the stars for inspiration. A New York guy goes through a toxic space environment and lands in Paris, aesthetic transformed into something more utilitarian, more street. The result is a futuristic collection that evolves around see-through pieces like a translucent coat and an upside-down jacket, along with nylon leggings and loose trousers with zippers and drawstrings - something that a Jedi would wear if he were more fashionable. There's something about this science fiction look that I swoon over. Maybe it's the asymmetrical lines, or perhaps the shiny metallic materials. It's all very experimental and beautifully avant-garde - it must be the lack of normalcy that gets my attention.

Full Collection.
- The Velvet Scientist

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Mat Ahoy - Buckets and Spades said...

i really really loved this collection, i can't really say there is anything i don't like.

your blog is so slick!