california dreaming

photos by my friend Pete Voelker featuring Marcel Castenmiller, (via Contributing Editor)

"These photos are from a trip I took to Los Angeles in October of 2010. I was in need of an escape from New York City and was given the opportunity to go to L.A. One of my best friends would also be in L.A. so it was destined to be a good trip. Marcel was there for work and when he wasn't busy we were together most of the time. Going to shows, parties, the beach, and hanging out with friends."

A west coast getaway sounds a bit nice right about now.


Caleb Poling said...

That poncho! Awesome pictures. Kind of really digging his hair too..

Eszter in ▲lbion said...

Your blog is frickin' good, you need so much more followers.
Awesome photography in this post.

TheDeerCharmer said...

Great photos man
Following you now