A short profile of the marvelous Hannes Hetta that I wrote and illustrated, featured in the premiere issue of BITE Magazine

Now living in Paris, Mr. HANNES HETTA has accomplished an epochal feat working as Fashion Editor of Vogue Hommes International and contributing to several well-known magazines including i-D and Acne Paper. Hetta possesses a clear sensibility for capturing the romantic naivety of youths in their excited, wide-eyed state; depicting their adolescent disposition in its simplest form. This propensity of minimalism has become an earmark for Hetta and his unpretentious yet refined oeuvre; in each of his works an ingenious uniformity of technique absent of complications. In his recent contribution to last season's GQ Style, Hetta styles a poignant editorial entitled My Mother Always Said, You're Painting A Masterpiece, underlining a series of intimate portraits featuring fathers and their children photographed in black and white. He has also acted as curator to a recently completed and highly celebrated group exhibition at Paris modern art gallery Balice Hertling. You And Now is a study of deconstruction versus reconstruction and the relation of raw, useless materials and the feeling of human weakness, examining the regeneration of elements both of nature and man-made and the pivotal moment of possibility just before something changes. Adoration for Hetta stems not only from his exhibitory achievements and work in print, but also from his personal style - a striking mélange of classic and contemporary, changeless against the ever-evolving mainstream trends and fads of today. In his own individual wardrobe of brightly-coloured suits and slick herringbone wools, he has created a culmination of something true that represents a lasting realm of fashion that will continue to be relevant in much time to come - and Hannes isn't going anywhere either.

From BITE Magazine, Issue One

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