Giuliano Fujiwara S/S 2010.


This entire collection has a very futuristic science fiction feel to me- with those fantastic chunky geometric neck pieces, slashed transparent shirts, and sort of tailored track-suit bottoms.
And the classic men's staples are flawlessly added in to the mix: the perfect pair of shorts, the elongated blazer, and instachic footwear. It's effortlessly cool and modern, and so creative. I can't get enough.

Full collection.
- The Velvet Scientist


Alexxander said...

thanks for your comment!!!

your blog is amazing!!! lovely

I link you!!!!


- Alexxander.

R. A. N. said...

i didn't find the collection very inspiring.. but fashion overall makes me want to wear just a tee or button up with shorts because i feel i can at least state "i'm bored with everything, so what"..

its only a coincidence that its what a lot of designers are sending down the runway anyway, though.. and i feel i'm almost contradicting myself..

its funny how fashion pulls me in these separate directions.. and how i let it, heh.