Yves Saint Laurent S/S 2010.


It appears that this collection has had it's fair share of negative feedback. Although I do agree that some of the pieces are not up to par with others in the collection (and in other collections), I think that it's instantly identifiable - full of wearable, comfortable, and functional pieces. I love the dramatic, draping tunics layered over one another in a gothic, romantic sort of way. This nomadic, slouchy, louche vibe Stefano Pilati has created is so refreshing to me, it's an escape from those same-old stuffy business suits and strangling power ties. This is a show of separates meant for every man to combine and style in his own way, yet each piece is so fresh that it'd introduce this romantic spirit into any ensemble it's paired with. And the short film presented with the collection is lovely, shot by French actor/writer/director Samuel Benchetrit and starring his 11 year-old son. Some say that it's unnecessary and pretentious, but I think it beautifully poetic and oh, so inspiring.

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- The Velvet Scientist


Serg Riva said...

i like the header graphic on your blog. very nice

R. A. N. said...

i agree, this had me thinking of pilati's own style, wardrobe... i didn't feel to strongly abou tit.. but again.. we're on the same page with kind of digging teh overall aesthetic.. its not.. trying too hard on any level.. so many people really trying this season.

-h said...

the video is very cute and charming.