Marc Jacobs S/S 2010.

Although as a blogger I should be, I won't devote too many posts this time round (maybe just this one) to the recent runway shows of Fashion Week. To be honest, I haven't been keeping up, and what I have seen hasn't left me breathless to say the least. I find Autumn/Winter fashion weeks much more enjoyable to follow than Spring/Summer; it's inevitable that with layering and the actual quantity of clothing produced that the styling becomes more elaborate, which makes for an altogether more interesting collection. This brings me to Marc Jacobs S/S 10. Nothing groundbreaking, but lately I've been wearing lots of black, and for this reason the colours particularly stood out for me. It's quite bright, optimistic and fun, but not over the top. For now, this colourful mood is so appealing to me; greens, ochres, pinks and blues are gradually popping into my wardrobe. And although it's just now turning to Autumn, seeing Marc Jacobs' collection for next Spring has turned me on to colour even more.

- The Velvet Scientist

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tyler. said...

Amen brotha.

IIRO said...

Sad that you have stopped blogging, a real shame.

I would have wanted you to visit my blog,

The Haute Bitch said...

loving it.