With heavy eyes, and lips that taste of poisoned grapes.

Another favourite, this time from 5th Avenue Shoe Repair at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Astrid Olsson and Lee Cotter have utterly charmed me with their lush floral and paisley prints, bowties, and bright pink and yellow socks. A happier mood than that of previous collections, but not straying far from the darker side of humour that the brand is known for; with its unorthodox asymmetrical cuts, excessive amounts of black, and avant garde styling. It is this quirky unpredictability that is responsible for my adoration for the collection and 5th Avenue Shoe Repair's ever-present, unmistakable charm.
Photos © Sacha Maric/Copenhagen Fashion Week

- The Velvet Scientist


Mat said...

this is so refreshing, i'm saving these images right NOW.

Brad Paige said...

Love the floral with black its so new and eye catching the makeup hair everything about this show draws me in and i want it all! cant wait for your next post

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