Hannes Hetta

ph. Vogue Hommes International, The Sartorialist

With his short-cut, slicked to the side hair, Hannes Hetta is a stylish Swede who, like the recondite musician, makes his own music in the form of his work as the editor of Vogue Hommes International, also working for some of my favourite publications such as i-D and Acne Paper. My adoration for him comes mostly from his personal style, a striking mélange of classic pieces with highly modern components and attributes. I love his method of layering and his accessorizing with scarves, which seems to be somewhat of a signature look for him. Although I do love the dark, gothic, Ann Demeulemeester-type breed of fashion (and also in some way eclectically mixed with this more traditional conception, not the over the top 'bad' gothic look that is currently so popular among the mainstream), this realm of fashion is one that I really look at as a culmination of something true that will last and still be relevant in much time to come. Hannes is clearly a current style icon for me.



VicissitudiniLombarde said...

great style!

minor keys said...

Wow, he's amazing. I love his style, in the way you describe, captures very well. Even more than that, he has some quiet allure that complements, and even transcends clothing. I definitely see Bowie in him as well.

Caleb Poling said...

I really think his style perfectly portrays the way men's fashion should lean more towards. He has such a way of dressing classic, while at the same time remaining completely relevant. I think that is one of the best accomplishments in menswear.

Gummi said...

I dont see it very Bowie, but i really love the pictures.
Great work! :)

chuck n. said...

his amazing timeless style is truly what makes him unique. the silk scarfs add an air of subtle sophistication to his looks!

Ashley McConnell said...

he is incredible at layering


vinda said...

he's really amazing. i can see the david bowie in him, although definitely not his rockstar side.
amazing layering style, of course.
such an inspirational man.