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Last autumn I spent some time in Paris. To quote Sébastien-Roch Nicolas De Chamfort: "Paris, a city of pleasures and amusements, where four-fifths of the people die of grief." I arrived in Paris by train on a Wednesday afternoon, stepping onto the platform at Gare du Nord and hurriedly searching with cash in hand for a replacement to my empty pack of cigarettes. I stayed in Montmartre along Rue des Abbesses, near the Sacré-Coeur. The photo looking onto the apartments across the street was taken from my window. Firstly, I have to share credit for all of these photos with Paris itself. I feel as if I could photograph almost anything in Paris, and it would be considered beautiful in some aspect. You're constantly provided with an infinite source of inspiration. It's somehow easier to notice little details, almost as if you're seeing everything in slow motion and are therefore given the opportunity to dissect every aspect of your surroundings voyeuristically - the slight crunch of gravel underfoot during a stroll through the Jardin des Tuileries, the hurried coffees and walks to the Métro, afternoon tea at Ladurée, La Bastille, street parties in Montmartre, late dinners with friends in the 11th, and eventually finding yourself at the same place each late night - in an empty station, waiting for the oncoming train. In a place like Paris, expectations are rarely matched, but instead are completely surpassed. Here's hoping that my Paris abstinence won't have to last much longer.



Isa said...

Awesome photos!

Rebels With Painted Faces said...

I know exactly what you mean. It's been over a year since I went and the nostalgia is still intense. Walking along the Seine, drinking Leffe in quiet midnight bars, hotel kisses at 4 am. Even the smell of the Metro was pleasing to me. No exaggeration needed. Best city.

Caleb Poling said...

This is probably one of my favorite blog posts I have seen on a blog. Your taste in photography matches so well with what I think is beautiful. They're fantastic, hope you get to visit soon again, xx caleb

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

You are so good!
Well done!

Great :D


Gummi said...

Wow! Fascinating! I really love. Very good pictures. One of the posts I see more good in a long time. Congratulations for your blog.

Wends said...

beautiful photos!

I remember seeing two lovers saying goodbye at the airport, when I left. It made me cry even harder.

Eszter in Albion said...

Thank you!
Awesome photography from above, I like it.
I'm your new follower, your blog is awesome. So simple.

vinda said...

i can always count on your blog for beautiful pictures. did you take them yourself? the compositions and editing are amazing !

Tom said...

Beautiful Paris! I wish to visit it someday. Amazing photos. Thank you for visiting my photoblog. I'm glad you like it. Peace! :)

Chip said...

amazing shots!!! nothing like film cameras

wobblinbetty said...

Paris is definitely a magic place, no wonder you felt in love... Wish you to have the chance to be back there soon!!

Alex Ingram said...

These photos are so amazing

Alexxander said...

thanks!!!! I live in paris...and the first months its the same impression..but after when you have a normal life like a parisian..is other impression!!


Mark Cullum said...

gets me nostalgic too! and your photos are really beautiful, 4 months on for me too actually, time to go back i think!

H-S said...

i always wanted to go there,,someday maybe...hehe

good picture..love your blog, so that i put this into my Blogroll..

keep up the good work..



Ashley McConnell said...

These are incredibly romantic photos. Your editing is is finnnne.


Piter said...

How beautiful photos... <3

Joanna M. said...

Beautiful photos...this post made me nostalgic.
You have a lovely taste.