Keep The Streets Empty

trenchcoat / vintage
striped pullover / american apparel
polka dot shirt / vintage
leggings / topman
combat boots / vintage
evil eye ring / ebay
lion ring / vintage
other rings / thrifted
bag / beyond retro, london



VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Love these B&W details :)


Isa said...

wooow i want that eye ring so badly!

chuck n. said...

lovely rings and images! i'm guessing the title is a reference to fever ray's song (that was also featured in les amours imaginaires!)

Isabell said...

I have a question about your header, do you know what the font is called? :)

Vinda Sonata said...

amazing outfit, and the accessories are phenomenal, esp. the bracelet with eye.

The Velvet Scientist said...

Isabell, the font is coincidentally called 'Velvet'. x

Chip said...


Olive. said...

the pants and also the rings are amazing !!

btw. I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR TUMBLR BLOG !!!!!!!! My biggest inspiration.

Olive. <3

Shane Bailey said...

I love your style! a big eccentric and dark, though the eye ball ring is too disturbing cool for me:)


Patrice said...

love love LOVE this post. what camera are you using? and I desperately need an eyeball ring.

The Velvet Scientist said...

thank you patrice! just using an old digital camera. you should get one, I think they're pretty easy to find on ebay now (eye rings, that is) xx

Fabliha said...

great outfit. i love your rings