From a recent trip to New York.
When wearing trench coats like this one, I like to think I'm channeling the clumsy heroes of French New Wave, like Franz in Godard's Bande à part. But maybe that's just me. They've got a certain uniform that I'm trying to master, but unfortunately I'm missing a hat. I also love this everyday tote bag from my friends at HUSK.


Bobby Blue said...

I think you're already doing a pretty great job :)
A hat would look good on you. look: http://cl.ly/0f440r0a2A1n030a3t0N hihi xx

The Velvet Scientist said...

Haha! That's brilliant, now it's imperative that I get one!!!


Izzy said...

Beautiful photograph. I love the effortlessness of it all.

christine arendse said...

amazing blog, and beautiful photographs :) it's quite fun - when i was in new york this autumn, i stayed on a hotel on lafayette street - i recognize the supermarket in the background, haha :)

x jesuischristine.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

i love the androgynous thread running through these photos. if men can get out of a one-dimensional box of "masculinity," we possess so much capacity for beauty and artistry.

x Peter @ http://low--couture.blogspot.com